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Separate Your Business Calls From Your Personal Calls

Buying a smart phone was a really smart decision. Now you can make your smart phone even smarter with the BusinessCall mobile app. It installs in seconds and offers two distinct calling experiences; one for your personal calls and one for your business calls. Receive and return your personal calls from your personal number. Receive and return your business calls from your business number. All on one phone. With the BusinessCall App, it’s that simple. BusinessCall lets you choose a phone number from your town or you can select one from any place in the country. Plus, we allow you to port an existing mobile number to BusinessCall for free. It’s your choice.

BusinessCall App


Make Your Mobile Business Calling Experience More Professional

Maintaining a professional image is essential for every business. This is particularly true for home based and smaller businesses. If you work in a small business you have to compete harder and your smart phone is your lifeline to the outside world. It allows you to work anywhere, be accessible at any time and never miss a customer’s call. With the BusinessCall App you’ll always have a professional, business identity on your existing smart phone. It’s a smarter way to do business.


Easy To Use And Inexpensive Too

BusinessCall can be downloaded in seconds from Google Play and soon from the App Store. It takes just a minute to set up and you can begin using the service immediately. What’s more, BusinessCall won’t put a strain on your budget. Our BusinessCall Plan provides unlimited calls and texts for only $12.99 per month. That’s a lot of value for a very small price.


Our App Is Reliable To A Carrier Grade Standard

Our engineers make reliable apps. That’s because they come from Bell Labs and AT&T where everything is designed to work at a carrier grade standard (which means heavy use). We know you’re not a big phone company (a carrier), but you deserve an app that’s reliable, well tested and proven too.

Customer Care

Customer Care You Deserve

Any questions or issues with your app can be answered by our helpful Customer Service Team. They’re available weekdays from 8:30AM to 9:30PM Eastern Time.

Get A Second Line For Your Smart Phone Today

So what are you waiting for? Get a second line for your smart phone today with the BusinessCall mobile app. Just visit GooglePlay today and download it. The app is free to download and with our free trial program you can test out BusinessCall risk-free.

*Our voice services require existing telephone service. Our services are not a replacement for telephone access and cannot be used for emergency dialing.

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